This Earth Day, Encourage Your Employees to Make an Impact

Celebrate Earth Day 2015, Encourage Employee VolunteeringWednesday, April 22, is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day – an international movement to protect the planet and secure a sustainable future. Moreover, with employees increasingly looking for greater workplace satisfaction and “fulfillment of a higher purpose”, Earth Day activities offer a range of opportunities for workplace giving and volunteering to deliver the “feel good factor” and boost employee morale, engagement and productivity.

Earth Day was first held in 1970 when 20 million Americans from all walks of life committed to do more to make the world a better place. Now, in 2015, over one billion people and thousands of corporations across 192 countries plan to participate in Earth Day activities – where economic growth and sustainability join hands, and where environmentally conscious citizens, corporations, governments and global organizations get involved at the grassroots level on sustainable development and other worthy causes.

Earth Day 2015 initiatives range from global partnerships for education and the environment, sponsorships to develop sustainable innovations, efforts to improve water quality and sanitation, securing the world’s food supply to feed a growing world population, eradicating curable diseases, protecting the marine environment from plastics and human pollution, and more.

Interested citizens and corporate philanthropy programs can find Earth Day events happening in their neck of the woods and form teams to participate on Earth Day 2015 and through the year. Research has consistently shown that individual and team-based corporate giving programs deliver favorable long-term corporate benefits such as improvements in corporate reputation, positive brand perception and higher profits. So why wait? Encourage your employees to get involved in Earth Day 2015’s many initiatives or, better yet, register an Earth Day event that uniquely highlights your company’s strengths and employee skills sets, and is of your employees’ own making!

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